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"Look, and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected."
Sophocles (497/95 - 406 B.C.)

We don't think that the world is getting smaller, just more crowded. This is the reality of the world today. When you travel with Exeter we can't promise you that there will be no crowds but we can promise you that we have done as much as we can to smooth the way for you.

When you travel with us, we want to take you past the sign that says ‘No entry to the public’ because isn’t that always where one wants to go? We work closely with curators, museum directors and film studio directors, so that we can take you inside to see, for example, the restoration of a church in Tsarskoe Selo or the making of a film in the Koliba Film Studios in Slovakia. We call them extraordinary experiences because that is what so many of you have called them. The Exeter difference is all about taking you behind the scenes. It’s also about talking with you, surprising you perhaps – where is the birthplace of postmodern architecture? We can make a good case for saying that it’s in Llubljana. Come with us and find out why.

 Faberge Collection Private visit to the Faberge Museum
St. Petersburg, Russia

This is a unique opportunity to view the oustanding collection of Faberge owned by Viktor Vekselberg with over 1,500 pieces including several of the famed Imperial Easter Eggs. The collection is housed in a neo-classical palace in the heart of St. Petersburg which has been painstakingly restored and features a spectacular marble staircase. Within this amazing collection are the Imperial eggs formerly owned by the Forbes family along with many other items that cover all areas of Faberge's craftsmanship including clocks, cigarette cases and frames. This opening of the Faberge Museum means St. Petersburg finally has its own collection of Faberge - long overdue and much anticipated.
 Croatia Truffle Hunting Croatian Truffle Hunting in the Istrian Peninsula
Livade, Slovenia

Visit Livade, a small village in the Istrian countryside famous for being one of the best truffle regions in Europe. White Istrian truffles are among of the most expensive mushrooms in the world, and harvesting them is a local tradition going back centuries. Enjoy a truffle hunting demonstration, guided by an expert and a trained dog (pigs are no longer used in Croatia). Top off the experience with a fabulous truffle tasting at a local konoba. Enjoy this experience on our Alps to Adriatic Tour or any privately arranged itinerary.
mestro1.jpg   Private Tour of the Mestrovic Gallery with a Curator
Split, Croatia

The Mestrovic Gallery commemorates the work of the most celebrated Croatian artist of the 20th century, Ivan Mestrovic. As an Exeter International guest, you will tour the sculptor’s magnificent works with a museum curator who will take you around personally. The gallery in Split was the original residence of the artist and includes his famous work, Psyche. Enjoy this experience on our Alps to Adriatic Tour or any privately arranged itinerary.

Private Wine Tasting
Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia

Some of the best Croatian wines come from Peljesac and there are many opportunities for wine and mussel tastings.   We invite you to one of the largest and most well known wine producers in Croatia, the Matusko Family Wine Cellar.
EstateTheaterBackstage   Backstage Tour of the Estates Theater
Prague, Czech Republic

Mozart premiered Don Giovanni at the Estates Theater and its place in history has grown ever since.  On our tours through Eastern Europe, you will be taken by special arrangement through the closed theater by one of its historians. Prague is a city of music and this is an experience no one should miss.
Strahov library   VIP Tour of the Strahov Monastery
Prague, Czech Republic

Most visitors view the famous Strahov Monastery through a doorway located at the end of the main gallery.  As an Exeter International guest, you will be invited in the backdoor of the monastery and allowed into the exquisite library to walk among the ancient books and artifacts. Enjoy this experience on our Eastern Europe Through Closed Doors tour or any privately arranged itinerary.
 Herendlogo Herend Experience
Herend, Hungary

Herend porcelain has grown in popularity over the past decade, but its quality has been legendary for over 100 years.  As an Exeter International guest in Budapest, you will have the option of adding a very special day in the Hungarian countryside to visit the Herend porcelain factory as a VIP guest.  You will learn how Herend is created, visit the extraordinary Herend museum and then dine in the only restaurant in the world that serves on Herend porcelain!  Of course, you will also have the opportunity to shop in the factory store at significant savings.
 Herm Storage - Dress.jpg Hermitage Storage Rooms
St. Petersburg, Russia

Many people get the chance to spend time in the world famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, but few get the opportunity to enter the Hermitage’s vast storage chambers. Located in a closed storage facility 40 minutes from the Hermitage, these chambers hold a wealth of treasures ranging from world-class works of art to royal carriages, original palace furniture, and imperial wardrobes. For the return visitor to St. Petersburg or serious art and history lovers, the Hermitage Storage Rooms make a trip to St. Petersburg unforgettable.
Gold Treasures Rooms of the Hermitage
St. Petersburg, Russia

While visiting the Hermitage, your guide will take you into the exclusive Gold Treasures rooms of the Hermitage.  Here you will see some of the great treasures of the museum, including Peter the Great's ancient Scythian Gold Collection.

 Ballerina Flying   Backstage at the Mariinsky (Kirov) and  Bolshoi Theaters

Why just see a performance at the world famous Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theaters, when you can explore backstage with a theater historian?  As private, invited guests of the theater, you will hear about the Tsar’s Box protocol, the premieres and the history.  You may even be backstage when preparations are being made for the evening’s performance- dancers warming up and musicians practicing.
 AmberRoom Workshop RH The Amber Room Workshops of Catherine Palace
St. Petersburg, Russia

On selected tours, we invite you into the actual workshops of Catherine Palace where masters rebuilt the world famous Amber Room panels.  Meticulously, each panel is designed and fitted with Baltic amber- an exacting process that has taken decades for each piece of wall decoration.  You will see completed panels, works in process and designs for future pieces- all with the amber masters as our exclusive guides.
 Food Close Up (low).jpg
Gala Evening
St. Petersburg, Russia

Exclusive dinner prepared by top St. Petersburg caterers in one of the grandest palaces in the city.  Enjoy a brief tour of the mansion, before entering the main dining hall where you will dine on a four course menu- including caviar flown in from the Caspian Sea!  Dinner will be accompanied by a pianist from one of St. Petersurg's famed academies.  This is a night to remember!
Private Vodka Tasting
St. Petersburg, Russia

Sample Russia's quintessential drink at a private vodka tasting.  Amidst the elegance of the all-new Caviar Bar at the Hotel Angleterre, you will have a unique opportunity to sample four different types of Russian Vodka and also enjoy a small portion of Russian Keta (Red) Caviar served with fresh blini and the traditional accompaniments.  The Resturant Manager will introduce you to the history and tradition of vodka in this unique expereince.
 Suvorov Academy 1 Suvorov Military Academy
St. Petersburg, Russia

The Vorontsov Palace has been home to Russia's most important military academy, turning out Russia's military elite. Originally the Corps des Paiges, and re-named the Suvorov Military Academy in 1943. Your visit will be led personally by the chaplain of the church.

Exeter International supports the Children's Hospice charity, founded in 2003 by the Chaplain responsible for the Chapel.The charity provides relief and hope for terminally ill children and their parents.
Stalin's Bunker
Moscow, Russia

Step back into the Soviet-era today with a trip to Stalin's original bunker, preserved just as it was during Stalin's time.  You will experience the opportunity to go inside the bunker where Stalin was rumored to stay!  Your on-site expert will give you a piercing insight into Soviet Russia, relating the history of the bunker's origination and telling you stories about Stalin's life and World War II.
Mary True.jpg 
Matryoshka Master Class
Moscow, Russia

A local artist will meet you at the Matryoshka Museum's studio for the unique opportunity to make your own Matryoshka doll!  You will be shown by the artist how to create and paint your doll.  When you finish, we will package it up for you so that you can take it home with you.

Grand Kremlin Palace and Terem
Moscow, Russia

Home to the tsars for 200 years, the Faceted Palace and Terem is now used by the Russian President to entertain foreign dignitaries at the highest level. No palace is more opulent in all of Russia and after a $300 million renovation, the glorious rooms of the Faceted Palace and Terem have never looked more beautiful. The Faceted Palace and Terem are strictly closed to the public, but can be seen on any privately arranged itinerary.
Not all of the above experiences are featured in each tour; please read each tour description for complete details.
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