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Tsar's New Year's Eve Gala Ball

Rule Three
"You are requested to be cheerful, without however destroying, breaking or biting anything."

-Rules for visitors entering the Little Hermitage, Catherine the Great (1729-1796)

The social season in Imperial St. Petersburg began in autumn and ended with the coming of Lent in March.  If you know your Tolstoy then you will remember that it was a blinding social whirl, but one in which some occasions could not be missed – a new opera at the Mariinsky, a ball attended by everybody who was anybody, and a concert at the Philharmonic.  Well, you can put your book down, come with us and live for a little while the lives of the Stroganovs and the Yusupovs, because although the fashions have changed and the carriages are now in the museums, the season in St. Petersburg still very much exists.
 Tour Basics...
4 Nights in St. Petersburg
3 Nights in Moscow
  • View the snow-blanketed gardens of Pavlovsk Palace from a private troika sled (weather permitting)
  • Enjoy a thrilling performance at the famous Mariinsky Theater
  • Walk the uncrowded halls of the Hermitage with an expert guide
  • Attend the Tsar’s Gala Ball at Catherine Palace
  • Experience a privately guided tour of the Armory Museum at the Kremlin

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