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An Insider’s Guide to Summer Travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia: Part I

Visiting Eastern Europe? Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia! 

Today, we take you to this “Pearl of the Adriatic” through the lens of a wonderful Exeter International travel partner who lives, works and plays in the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Meet Lejla:

Lejla, a Croatian native, offers an insider's guide to summer travel in the walled city of Dubrovnik.

Lejla, a Croatian native, offers an insider’s guide to summer travel in the walled city of Dubrovnik

Our Insider’s Guide to Summer Travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia: Part I offer tips and tricks from Lejla, a Dubrovnik native, for summer travel to Dubrovnik. In part one, we’ll discuss one of the most important aspects of any good vacation – local cuisine and dining destinations!

On Croatian cuisine:

“The Dalmatian coast is all about Mediterranean cuisine. All is very light and fresh; fish is consumed often. It is interesting to note that in the whole of Croatia, organic food (fruits and vegetables) are still widely used in private households, as well as restaurants. Olive oil, wine (red and white equally), rosemary, white onion, capers and laurel are all ingredients which are used frequently.”

On dining in the Dalmatian coast:

“Depending on what style of dining and cuisine I’m up for, I choose the following restaurants:

a.       Restaurant Dubrovnik (“More of a fine dining restaurant”). Offers Dalmatian cuisine with a touch of international know how, with both fish and meat specialties. Located in Dubrovnik Old Town.

b.      Restaurant Proto (in the same “fine dining” rank as Restaurant Dubrovnik). However, it is a bit more oriented toward traditionally local cuisine and interior design. Located in Dubrovnik Old Town.

c.       Gil’s Little Bistro. Modern, extremely tasty, boutique, high quality, local produce infusion with Chef’s know-how. The Chef and owner is from France: Gilles Camilleri. Located in Dubrovnik Old Town.

d.      Kopun. Very simple and very traditional local cuisine. Some of the dishes are prepared in accordance to very old and traditional recipes. Located in Dubrovnik Old Town.

e.      Luka’s Tavern. Visiting Elaphiti Islands? They are close to Peljesac and Kobas, “a tiny, tiny village hidden in one bay where actually only few fisherman families live.” The restaurant is located here, a cottage/tavern where the waiters are father & son (dressed in shorts and t-shirts), and Mom is the chef. Brilliant, fresh as it gets, amazing Adriatic fish and sea food with local herbs and ingredients. Located on Peljesac peninsula, some cca. 1 hour driving distance from Dubrovnik city center, but almost a must if you have a boat.

f.        Koračeva Kuća. Similar in cuisine to Kopun, with authentic regional cuisine with some traditional recipes. If sitting in the restaurant yard, you will have a view of the Konavle valley. Located in Konavle, the most southern region of Croatia, some 45 minutes driving distance from Dubrovnik. 

g.       Kapetanova Kuća. THE restaurant for various fish and seafood dishes, including mussels and oyster, but definitely my favorite dish in this restaurant is black risotto. Located in Ston, also on Peljesac peninsula, cca. 1 hour driving distance from Dubrovnik. Ston, beside its fascinating 5 kilometer long city walls, is very much known for its mussels and oysters cultivation.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

On fresh food:

“I absolutely always recommend everyone who comes to Croatia definitely go and shop at a farmers’ outdoor market, regardless of where they are: Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik. I strongly believe that Croatia’s farmers markets are also a cultural place. Croatia’s local outdoor markets are an event in itself. Open every day from early in the morning till early afternoon hours, local farmers offer their organic produce of the season.

The fruits and vegetables aren’t even the main attraction! By visiting the market, visitors can really immerse themselves in our culture, observe the dynamics of the locals, and smell the true aroma of lovingly grown fruits and vegetables. Bargain with the locals in order to get a good deal and enjoy a true taste that no fine dining restaurant can offer!”


Be sure to visit next week for An Insider’s Guide to Summer Travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia: Part II, where we will cover culture, music and more with Lejla!

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