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Exeter Expert Spotlight: Aurelian’s Romania

While studying and working in the field of computer science may seem like an unlikely start to a travel career, Exeter’s Country Manager Aurelian in Romania has a different story to tell. Aurelian found he had a passion for sharing stories and experiences of his native land with his co-workers. His enjoyment for sharing Romanian experiences eventually led to his returning to his homeland where he found himself working as a freelance tour guide, and traveling all over the country he loves. However, throughout his travels Aurelian began to notice some of the difficulties his tourists faced with their pre-packaged travel bookings. Inadequate itineraries saw many travelers have somewhat underwhelming experiences, experiences that he sought to fix with his personal approach to travel. “You can always return a jewel or an expensive suit if you change your mind, take a test drive but not buy the car. But, who could return 10 days of your life? Who can return your 10 day vacation, so long expected, if you are disappointed in the end? Why take that chance?” Aurelian emphasizes that travelers should be in control of their own destiny and destinations. He seeks to provide travelers with that control, and allow them to experience the Romania that he is so enthusiastic about sharing.

Aurelian’s Tips

Our Romanian expert provides us with some inside tips and advice on how to make your Romanian experience full of stories you’ll never forget. The countryside is a great place for experiencing the true culture of the country. Travelers can experience the traditional lifestyles of locals and discover an ambiance that is now all but lost in Europe. Romania is the “Old Europe” of a century ago.


Aurelian also advises to avoid the main roads. He insists that the speed and convenience they supply is not worth the sightseeing you give up by taking the roads less travelled. “This might slow you down a little, but a real Romanian experience is guaranteed only in the countryside.” A more specific tip for those traveling from Bucovina to Transylvania, make a stop at the Agapia Monastery! In addition to visiting the church and workshops, there is a small cobblestone path that will lead you to a nuns’ village that provides a peaceful locale to spend a few minutes and relax. Aurelian clearly loves his country, but loves to share it even more. Take it from him, “It should be you to decide the holiday you have always dreamed of.”

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