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Exeter Expert Spotlight: Magdalena in Warsaw, Poland


Old Town Warsaw, Poland, Polish History, Culture, Pierogi, Cafe, Old Europe
Old Town – One of Magda’s favorite places in Warsaw

Exeter’s Country Manager Magdalena of Poland knows Warsaw. After studying tourism and moving to Warsaw in 1997, her first impressions of the city quickly changed as she began to discover more and more about the culture and history it had to offer. “Warsaw is not a typical European metropolis but this makes it more interesting. It’s hard to fall in love with Warsaw at first sight but you can become completely immersed in Warsaw when you know it better. The city is still between the communist era and capitalism, slums and modernity, history and the future.” The unique position that Warsaw occupies allows its visitors to witness firsthand the past history and culture of the city, alongside the changes it is making as it modernizes. Magdalena finds living in Warsaw fascinating and is excited to share her experiences with the turn-of-the-century Warsaw with travelers.

Magda’s Advice

Magdalena emphasizes the abundance of cultural centers that Warsaw offers to its visitors and residents, including the Palace of Culture and Science, Museum of Warsaw Rising, Modern Art Museum, and the Warsaw Library as just some of her favorite places in the city. Get around Warsaw with ease by taking the tram as opposed to using the bus system, as buses tend to get stuck in traffic. The metro line will give you access to the Warsaw commuter district of Ursynow (in the south), the city center, and Mlociny Forest (in the north). Walking also provides visitors with a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere that Warsaw provides. On foot, you’ll see the relics of communism, like the Palace of Culture and Science, an example of model social-realist architecture at MDM (the city center), and the old contrast of the Praga district in a much more personal manner. A walking tour of the Old Town area and the City Center comes much recommended by our “woman on the ground” in Warsaw!

Old Town Warsaw, Poland, Polish History, Culture, Pierogi, Cafe, Old Europe
Take a walk through the romantically lit streets of Old Town

Now all this transporting is sure to make a visitor to Warsaw famished, but worry not! Magdalena recommends seeking some sustenance at a Milk Bar. “Milk Bars are a typical Polish phenomenon from the times of communism.” They offer home-made Polish fare like pierogis or pancakes with cottage cheese at very reasonable prices. Magdalena explains, “classically milk bars are places for less affluent diners like old-age pensioners, but you can see the occasional businessman who seems to miss home-cooked meals.” Magdalena’s favorite milk-bar is Bambino at 21 Krucza St. at the City Center. If you’re looking for a more formal dining atmosphere Magdalena suggests eating at one of Gessler’s Qchnia Artystyczna Restaurant’s garden tables. The restaurant is located at the Ujazdowski Castle with a great view of Agrykola Park and is a good option after visiting nearby Lazienki Park. Art enthusiasts will take solace in the Centre of Contemporary Art located in the same building.

Warsaw offers visitors a unique experience as a city fill of cultural and historical significance that has faced many changes. Travelers and residents alike experience a Warsaw that is evolving but continues to celebrate and preserve its past.

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