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Georgian Wine Experience

Georgia has the world’s longest running unbroken wine tradition – going back an amazing 8,000 years! The wines are fermented underground in clay vessels.

Clay Vessels
Georgian wine is becoming much better known outside the immediate region. This is for two main reasons – the first being that the wine is excellent, and the second because all the producers had to work very hard to find new export markets between 2008 and 2013 when Russia had an embargo on their products.

The result is something of a renaissance, and some wonderful boutique producers. One of these producers, Iago Bitarishvili, is quite unique. Firstly, he produces only white wine for export. Secondly, he produces only 4,000 bottles A YEAR.

Iago Bitarishvili

It is truly a family affair. Iago produces the wine with his parents and three sons! His ethos is very simple – he loves his village, and loves his wine. He believes that all Georgians are born to make wine, and he only wants to make enough to have a good life. He doesn’t want to produce more than 10,000 bottles. This may be hard, as he has already been discovered – he was mentioned in the New York Times in January this year, and was featured in Forbes life in December 2014. He currently exports to Italy, the UK and Japan to name a few.

Exeter International can arrange a visit to Iago’s winery, for a wine tasting with a delicious lunch, and of course a meeting with Iago himself.


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