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Meet the Expert – Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

  1. Tell us why we should travel to the Caucuses in less than 100 words.

The Caucuses region is still somewhat undiscovered, go to enjoy the incredible nature, friendly and welcoming people, delicious food, history and culture. There has never been a better time to travel to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan!

Dasha in Baku
  1. If you could only visit one of the three countries, Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan, which would you choose and why?

Georgia.  I fell in love with people, nature and food. Tbilisi feels very European with a great café culture, and a youthful buzz. Georgia has a very warm and welcoming feeling. It is a must visit country for people that have a strong interest in food and wine, just ask Anthony Bourdain!

View of Tbilisi, Georgia
View of Tbilisi, Georgia
  1. Describe each country in three words

Armenia: Landscapes, monasteries, brandy

Lake Sevan Armenia
Lake Sevan Armenia

Georgia: Khachapuri (signature cheesy bread), wine, Stalin

Dasha making Khachapuri!

Azerbaijan:  Old, New, eggplant

Flame Towers, Baku
Flame Towers, Baku
  1. Which is your favorite hotel in each country and why?

Yerevan:  The Tufenkian Hotel – authentic, family owned by a renowned carpet designer, with a great location.

Tbilisi:  Radisson Tbilisi –  Which has unrivaled panoramic views of Tbilisi.

Baku: Four Seasons Baku – my favorite hotel of all. Stylish with a great ambiance, unbeatable Four Seasons comfort and the best central location.

  1. What is your top tip for planning an itinerary?

Armenia has some stunning monasteries, and I carefully plan each program and itinerary to create a balance between churches and other activities.

Armenia - Noravank
Armenia – Noravank Monastery
  1. Where would your ultimate Instagram moment be?

Mount Ararat on the Armenian Turkish border.

Dasha, Greg & Natasha with Mount Ararat in the background
  1. What is your favorite extraordinary experience in the Caucuses?

A visit to the famous Yerevan Ararat brandy factory!

Dasha at the Ararat Brandy distillery in Yerevan

8. What surprised you most about your first visit to the Caucuses?

The friendliness of the people and breathtaking landscapes.


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