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Six Reasons to Self-Drive with Exeter International in Europe in 2016

Since we launched our self- drive programs seven years ago, they have become more and more popular. We now have 16 in-house Garmin GPS!

No one knows this part of the world better than us. Our staff has lived and worked in the region, so we are uniquely positioned to make your trip perfect.

We can craft the perfect self-drive itinerary to fit your taste, pace and budget.Want to have something planned with our expert guides every day? It’s no problem! Do you prefer more independence? We can introduce you to the essentials of each city and give you suggestions of what to do on your own.

Just plug in your Exeter pre-programmed GPS and let your adventure begin!We pre-program your entire schedule before you fly.

Read more about why we take all the stress out of self-driving in Europe!

1. Stress-Free Freedom on Wheels

Once we have created your ultimate road trip and pre-programmed your GPS you will be all set! All you have to do is turn on and start once at your destination. Change your mind about your route? Garmin will re-route for you.

This freedom allows you to travel the way you want to – if you discover the perfect restaurant with the perfect view and want to linger, you can!

Motovun, Istria, Croatia

2. Support

Our offices throughout Central and Eastern Europe will be ready to help you at any time in case of an emergency – or if you simply have a question about your trip. Rest assured that you are not alone, even when driving across Europe’s most remote regions.

Our local staff and guides

3. Value

Hiring a private car and driver in Europe can be expensive, but rental car rates for self-drive itineraries offer extraordinary value in comparison. We are experts in finding the best value car rentals, no matter the country or the route. You can then invest in some of our Extraordinary Experiences and create more memories!

Wine Tasting venue

4. Take things at your own Pace

In a hectic world where our time is seldom our own, and too much of life is prescribed a self-drive vacation is the perfect way to take things at your own pace and maybe meet some friendly locals. We can arrange for you to meet one of our expert guides in each location on your route for private touring.

Meet the locals

5. Avoid the Crowds

Take your rental car to tiny villages, like the village of Hum in Croatia, reputedly the smallest village in the world – and out of reach to large commercial vehicles!

Hum Croatia

6. Off the Beaten Track

Decide to go off piste? Surprise yourself and find hidden corners of Europe.

Stari Grad Hvar Croatia

Where can you Self-Drive with Exeter International in 2016?

The charming villages of Bohemia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and, Norway are now accessible. The options are limitless, but some of our most popular self-drive combinations are: Croatia and Slovenia, Prague to Budapest; Austria and Slovakia; Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius; Berlin, Dresden and Prague and the Norwegian countryside.

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