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The 27 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow for Guaranteed Wanderlust

Instagram is a fantastic place for travel inspiration, and no more so than in luxury travel. There are lots of fantastic accounts out there of travellers sharing beautiful images from around the world that will undoubtedly est your wanderlust buds into action and make you desperate to get away.

We’ve put together 27 of our favourite luxury travel instagram accounts, and created the pinboard below to show them off. If you’re on instagram and love travel, you should definitely get following these people and prepare to get very jealous! Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to all of their accounts…


Christina Vidal – 11.9k followers

Originating from California, Christina has travelled to over 51 countries in order to provide inspiration and advice on luxury travel

Matt Long – 32.9k followers

Matt left his 9-5 job to travel and explore the best places and experiences that the world has to offer

Pinktrotters – 18.4k followers

This female on-the-go lifestyle app aims to unite women through experiences of luxury travel and events

Luxury World Traveler – 2.2million followers

Amazing luxury images from around the world

Heather Olson – 47.9k followers

Solo traveller Heather provides daily travel tips to her subscribers

Captain & Charlie – 27.9k followers

Captain and Charlie sold their house and bought a luxurious yacht. They now spend their days travelling around the Mediterranean Sea

Luxury Travel Diary – 85.1k followers

Luxury Travel Diary provides reviews, news, auction prizes and beautiful photos of the best hotels in the world

Lucy Rose Laucht – 166k followers

Lucy has travelled to over 30 countries, and shares photographs of hidden gems, beautiful places and new faces

Le Postcard – 46.2k followers

Travel journalist Stephanie searches the globe for the coolest hotels, restaurants and boutiques

Yolanda Edwards – 31.6k followers

Arty snaps and luxurious insights from Conde Nast’s creative director

Rosie Londoner – 232k followers

Rosie uses Instagram to document her luxurious adventures and fashionable outfits

Kate McCulley – 72.5k followers

Kate’s goal is to goal is to show women that independent and solo travel can be safe, easy, and a lot of fun

Only For Luxury – 2million followers

Pictures of exclusive luxury products for sale

Mrs O Around the World – 12k followers

Global luxury travel blogger Mrs. O shares her love of travel

Kirsten Alana – 196k followers

Globally-focused photographer Kirsten provides travel recommendations and inspiration

Luxury Retreats – 36.8 k followers

Beautiful pictures of luxury hotels and breathtaking views to inspire your next holiday

Jeremy Jauncey – 382k followers

Jeremy’s aim is to celebrate the beauty of the world and inspire people to travel

Katie Dillon – 25.6k followers

Lifestyle and luxury travel writer Katie documents her travels including her mother-daughter trips

Brian Kelly – 71k followers

Tips on getting first class travel for almost free

Keith Jenkins – 4.4k followers

Keith’s photographs include travel, food/wine, architecture, art/design/history, hotels and nature. All from his luxury travel blog

Mariellen Ward – 2.8k followers

Canadian travel writer Mariellen Ward shares her life-changing journey to India

Cara Waters – 5.5k followers

Cara shares her food and travel experiences

Stephanie Be – 56.1k followers

Stephanie traded corporate America for a gap year and never stopped! Here she shares her glamorous adventures

Andrea Robertson – 12.1k followers

Writer and blogger Andrea Magrath shares her photographs of luxury travel, fashion and nature

Luxury Traveler – 85.8k followers

This luxury travel magazine provides a glimpse into the most lavish places on earth

Kiersten Rich – 205k followers

Travel and style blogger Kiersten shares her luxurious and stylish adventures

Gabriela Mateus – 203k followers

Gabriela posts pictures of beautiful landscapes and interesting buildings












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