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Trip Advisor features Exeter International Family Travel specialist

Trip Advisor’s Travel Advocate Wendy Perrin shares invaluable advice with travelers. We are honored to be featured in the latest installment of “Ask Wendy.”

Chain Bridge, Budapest
Chain Bridge, Budapest


A reader writes in:

“Hello Wendy, We are planning a trip this August with our three sons, ages 11, 14, & 19. We will be visiting Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Dubrovnik. I would really appreciate your suggestions as to where to visit, sightsee, and relax. Thank you! Kind regards, Your avid article reader Victoria.” 

Wendy replies:

“Victoria, you’ve chosen four cities whose Old Towns are straight out of a fairytale; you’ll want to spend much of your time just meandering the cobblestone streets and soaking up the Old World charm. But you’ve also chosen four cities that are jammed with tourists in August—especially Dubrovnik, a walled port city that is invaded daily by tens of thousands of cruise day-trippers. . .

Victoria, if I were you and I wanted to bypass lines, evade crowds, and be super-efficient, I’d connect with Eastern Europe travel specialist Gwen Kozlowski of Exeter International. Gwen is arranging my own trip to Vienna and Budapest next month. She can get your family into the stables at Vienna’s Spanish Riding School to see the horses up close, arrange a family strudel-making lesson at Budapest’s famed Gundel restaurant, get you inside the exquisite library at Strahov Monastery in Prague, or charter a boat in Dubrovnik to take you to the Elaphite islands (think quiet beaches and the deserted former summer homes of 15th century nobles) and to the tiny fisherman’s village of Kobas. Now, that’s what I call both sightseeing and relaxing!”

To see Wendy’s complete recommendations of what to see and where to visit, head on over to “Wendy Answers: What To Do in Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Dubrovnik With a Family of Boys.”

Do you have a question for Trip Advisor’s Travel Advocate? Ask Wendy.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia


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Plan your 2014 family travels to Vienna, Prague, Dubrovnik, or Budapest through the leading luxury tour operator. To learn more about family travel or other excursions that Exeter International offers, please visit our website or contact us by phone at (813) 251-5355 / (800) 633-1008. 


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