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What Are Our Perceptions of Every Country in the World?

What do we really think about the other countries of the world? We thought it would be interesting to use Google’s autosuggest function to find out.

The phrases included in the autosuggest function are based on the things people search for the most, so it is a great way of gaining an insight into what people are searching for most about different countries, and what they most strongly relate that country with.

By searching ‘Best * COUNTRY NAME’, we were able to see what the public have been searching for most for each particular country.

The results ranged from the bizarre to the insightful, highlighting interesting things about places that we certainly never knew about (Latvia is apparently full of jokers!).

Check out all the results on the graphics below, and all the data is included at the end of the post if you want to scan for a particular place. You can also view the maps in higher resolution here.

North America

The vast array of mountains in Canada has enticed searches for ski resorts, and it’s the iconic U.S. universities that people want to find out more about in the United States.

Elsewhere, Bermuda has proven more associated with holiday resorts than the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and Dominica is known for its hair salons. The Caribbean countries, rather unsurprisingly, bring up searches for beaches, resorts and hotels.

South America

Suriname has enticed us with its melodies, with people searching for the best Surinamese songs. If you’re more into sweet food than sweet serenades, then it seems Guyana is the place to be, and how about washing it down with a glass of wine from Chile.


With the increasing trend of visiting Lapland and Helsinki, it’s not too surprising that Finland is most associated with vacations. Sweden is also associated with holidays with people searching for the best Swedish travel guides, meanwhile the Netherlands has ranked higher for its Fifa 17 players than its abundance of beautiful tourist attractions. Sunny Croatia and Greece are also associated with holidays, both ranking top for islands. Elsewhere in Europe, food and drink is a popular association with Montenegro being known for its wine, and popular searches for the best food in Luthuania and Denmark. Eurovision also seems to have associated Europe with some great music with Albania’s top search being for the best songs of all time and Romania’s top search also being songs.


From bologna in Lebanon to pie recipes in Samoa, the countries in Asia have thrown up many food-relates searches. Of course, any trip to Russia must result in procuring the best vodka in the land. Movies have also been a common theme in Asia coming out as the top search associated with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


It seems there’s more to Africa than just safaris. We also want to know more about the best Somali songs, and cichlids from Malawi.


You’d think we would most commonly be searching for the best beach to sun ourselves on but it seems soap opera favourites like Home & Away and Neighbours are our biggest interest about Australia.

Have a look at the full results below.

Country Result Country Result Country Result
Afghanistan War Films   Gabon  Football Player   Oman Hotels
Albania Songs of All Time   Gambia Footballer   Pakistan Dramas
Algeria Players   Georgia   Beaches   Palau Resorts
American Samoa Beaches   Germany Travel Guide   Palestine  Israel Documentary
Andorra Ski Resort   Ghana  Movies   Panama Canal Cruise
Angola Music   Greece Islands   Papua New Guinea  Coffee
Anguilla Resorts   Grenada Hotels   Paraguay Goalkeeper
Antigua & Barbuda Beaches   Guatemala   Coffee   Peru  Restaurant
Argentina Malbec   Guinea-Bissau  Hotels   Philippines  Resorts
Armenia Food   Guyana  Sponge cake recipe   Poland  Tours
Aruba Resorts   Haiti  Food   Portugal Beaches
Australia TV Shows   Honduras Beaches   Qatar Hotels
Austria Ski Resorts   Hungary  Paprika    Romania   Songs
Azerbaijan Movies   Iceland Hotels    Russia  Vodka
Bahamas Resorts   India  Food near me    Rwanda  Artists
Bahrain Restaurants   Indonesia Islands    Saint Kitts and Nevis  Passport
Bangladesh Food   Iran Movies    Saint Lucia Resorts
Barbados Resorts   Iraq War Movies    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    Airport
Belarus Football Player   Ireland Vacations    Samoa  Pie Recipe
Belgium Waffle Maker   Israel Movies     San Marino  Player Ever
Belize Resorts   Italy Tours   Sao Tome and Principe  Time To Visit
Benin Music   Jamaica Resorts    Saudi Arabia  Soccer Player
Bermuda Resorts   Japan Movies    Senegal  Soccer Players
 Bhutan  Tours   Kazakhstan Movies    Serbia  Soccer Players
 Bolivia  Food   Kenya Coffee    Seychelles   Resort
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Football   Kiribati Time To Visit    Sierra Leone   Music
 Botswana  Safari    Kosovo War Movies    Singapore  Hotels
 Brazil  Soccer Players   Kuwait Dating Site    Slovakia  Hockey Players
British Virgin Islands Resorts   Kyrgyzstan Nightlife    Slovenia   Restaurant
Brunei Food   Laos Food   Solomon Islands   Resort
Bulgaria Soccer Player   Latvia  Jokes   Somalia   Songs
Burkina Faso Music   Lebanon Bologna   South Africa Safari
Burma  Beaches   Lesotho  Time To Visit   South Korea  Movies
Burundi Music   Liberia Music   South Sudan Music
Cabo Verde Music   Libya Songs   Spain   Beaches
Cambodia Beaches   Liechtenstein  Work   Sri Lanka Tea
Cameroon Wrapper Cigars   Lithuania  Food   Sudan Music
Canada Ski Resorts   Luxembourg Restaurants   Suriname  Songs
Cayman Islands Resorts   Macedonia Wines   Swaziland  Hotels
 Central African Republic  Hotels   Madagascar  Movie   Sweden Travel Guide
Chile Wines   Malawi  Cichlid Food   Switzerland  Cities
China Wok   Malaysia  Hair   Syria Refugee Charities
Colombia  Coffee   Maldives  Resorts   Taiwan Drama
Comoros Time To Visit   Mali Musicians   Tajikistan Movies
Democratic Republic of the Congo Landmarks   Malta Hotels   Tanzania Safari
Republic of the Congo Facts   Marshall Islands Odyssey   Thailand Islands
Costa Rica Resorts   Mauritania Hotel   Timor-Leste Hotel
Cote d’Ivoire Restaurants   Mauritius  Resorts   Togo Food
Croatia Islands   Mexico  Resorts   Tonga Resorts
Cuba Cigars   Micronesia Island   Trinidad and Tobago Resorts
Cyprus Cars   Moldova Wines   Tunisia   Films
Czech Republic Footballers Monaco   Hotels Turkmenistan Time To  Visit
Denmark Restaurant Mongolia Tours Tuvalu Time to Go
Djibouti Song Montenegro Footballers Uganda Music
Dominica  Hair Salon Morocco  Tours Ukraine  Dating Sites
Dominican Republic All Inclusive Resorts Mozambique Resorts United Arab Emirates Hotels
East Timor Beaches Myanmar  Beaches United Kingdom  Tours
Ecuador  Food Namibia  Safari United States of America Universities
Egypt Movies Nauru   Sites Uruguay Beaches
El Salvador Food Nepal   Movie Uzbekistan Movies
Equatorial Guinea Hotels Netherlands  Players Fifa 17 Vanuatu Resorts
Eritrea Music New Zealand  Movies Vatican City  Tours
Estonia  Films Nicaragua Beaches Venezuela Food
Ethiopia Food Niger Songs Vietnam   Movies
 Fiji  Resorts Nigeria Movies Yemen  Food 
 Finland Vacations North Korea  Documentary Zambia Safari
  France  Travel Books Norway  Tours Zimbabwe  Cricket Players

There were some anomalies that we have left out of the infographic. An example of this is the African country of Chad, which when searched for, results in best Chad quotes, thanks to The Bachelorette. Another African country, Guinea, has also been left out due to the high frequency of searches for guinea pig cages, which skewed the results.





















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