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Why Travel to the Caucuses?

‘The South Caucasus is among the most culturally genuine, historically rich and religiously diverse –not to mention under the radar — parts of the world. they share a timeless and deep-rooted tradition of hospitality, family and food’. Patricia Schultz, 1001 Places to Go Before You Die.

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity, in the 4th Century AD. It is this heritage which gives Armenia its distinctive character. The country is a tapestry of churches and monasteries, with a kaleidoscope of frescoes and murals. You will enjoy local hospitality, delicious national cuisine and stunning scenery.

Tbilisi is not only the capital of Georgia, but the capital of food and wine in the entire region. With neoclassical and Art Nouveau architecture, stunning countryside and mountain ranges close by this city is a revelation.

Baku is a city of huge contrasts, with minarets superseded by the iconic architectural landmark that is The Flame Towers. Flames, signifying the power of natural energy, have been a part of local history since Zoroastrian times. Incredible museums and a Mediterranean climate complete the picture. Once you have been, you will wonder why Tbilisi, Yerevan & Baku were not on the must do map before!

Exceptional Food

The entire region is known for its exceptional food based around fresh seasonal produce. From Armenian Sarma (stuffed grape leaves) to Azeri Shashlik (kebabs cooked on hot coals) and Georgian lobio (bean stew) the food is delicious and the choice is wide for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Anthony Bourdain fell in love with Georgia!

Georgian Food
Georgian Food

Incredible Museums

In Baku the Zaha Hadid designed Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center is not to be missed, together with the Carpet Museum, housed in a building the shape of a rolled carpet. In Georgia, the Stalin Museum charts the history of Georgia’s most famous man, Joseph Stalin and in Yerevan the Matenadaran museum of Ancient Manuscripts, home to some of the oldest books in the world.

Zaha Hadid Baku
Aliyev Cultural Center Baku

Surprising Architecture

Ancient civilizations have embraced modernity and you will see some surprising futuristic architecture – from the iconic flame towers in Baku to the Peace bridge in Tbilisi.

Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi

Stunning Landscapes

Dilijan in Armenia is a verdant and mountainous region, and Lake Sevan is a peaceful haven of nature. Signaghi in Georgia has spectacular views of the Caucuses mountain range and Gobustan just outside of Baku has ancient petroglyphs.

mount ararat
Mount Ararat, Symbol of Armenia

Excellent Wines

Georgia is the wine producing country of the region with boutique vintners that export in miniscule amounts to great acclaim. One of our favorite producers is award winning Iago Bitarishvili who produces just 4,000 bottles a year. Iago brings to life the passion all Georgian’s have for wine!

georgian wines
Iago Winery, Georgia

Historic  Old Town Atmosphere

Tbilisi and Baku have two of the most atmospheric and picturesque old town centers in the world! Some streets look like they have come straight out of a film set. Narrow streets and wooden balconies signify Tbilisi and mulberry trees and towers Baku. Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

baku old town
Baku Old Town

Welcoming People

Last but by no means least, the main reason to visit the region is the friendliness and welcome of the people. All extremely proud of their heritage and their future. There has never been a better time to travel to Georgian, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Local Musicians, Georgia


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