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Volga Dream Russian Odyssey

Sail down the beautiful rivers
Sail down the beautiful rivers

From the Golden Horde to the Soviet era, the scenic cities along Russia’s grand Volga River have witnessed some of the most significant events in Russian history. On a journey aboard the deluxe M.S. Volga Dream, cruise from St. Petersburg to the Volga River Delta on the Caspian Sea. Discover iconic onion-domed churches; stroll through gems such as medieval Nizhniy Novgorod; and explore the treasures of Yaroslavl, the Volga’s oldest city.

  • Experience Russia’s diverse musical traditions at a series of lively performances of traditional folk

  • Explore Volgograd, the site of the decisive battle of World War II’s eastern front

Departure Date: June 26-July 10, 2021 - Download a 2021 PDF itinerary here.

Departure Date: September 25-October 12, 2021 - Download a PDF itinerary here.

Departure Date: May 14-June 1, 2022 - Download a 2022 PDF itinerary here



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Day 1
Arrival | St. Petersburg Peter Paul Fortress - St. Petersburg, Russia

Upon arrival in St. Petersburg, meet your driver for your transfer to the deluxe MS Volga Dream. Spend the rest of the day relaxing after your flight.

Tonight, you will begin your journey along the Volga River.

Volga Dream Experience: Bread, Salt & Vodka Welcome Aboard Ceremony

Day 2
Svirstroy | Svirstroy Volga Dream - Russia

The highlight of your day in Svirstroy is being invited into a local resident’s home. Warm and welcoming villagers will offer tea with jam and “pirozhki” (local pies). They will enthusiastically tell you all about Russian tradition, lifestyle and the attractions of Svirstroy village while proudly showing off their homes and kitchen gardens. After tea, hop on a bus to tour the nearby town, see a spectacular WWII memorial and visit a local primary school.

Volga Dream Experience: Dinner Costumed Russian Tea Ceremony & Russian Cooking Class

Day 3
Kizhi | Kizhi Volga Dream - Russia

Kareliya is a region that must be seen to be believed, it spans all the way from St. Petersburg to the Arctic Circle, a vast wilderness of forest and water. Lake Onega is fed by 58 rivers and is home to 1,369 islands, including our stop, Kizhi with its quaint collection of ancient wooden houses and windmills including the famous and remarkable Transfiguration church, built in 1714 without a single nail being used.

Volga Dream Experience: Piano Concert – pieces by Tchaikovsky and Rakhmaninov

Day 4
Goritsy | Goritsy Goritsy

In this tiny settlement, you visit the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, founded in 1397, now home to one of the world’s finest collections of Russian icons. After a guided tour, continue cruising toward the majestic Lake Onega.

Volga Dream Experience: Russian Dinner with Vodka Tasting

Day 5
Yaroslavl | Yaroslavl Volga Dream - Russia

Founded in 1010, Yaroslavl is one of central Russia’s oldest cities and boasts the Volga’s first port. There is much to see: the Spassky Monastery houses the Transfiguration of the Savior and the Church of Elijah the Prophet and an impressive collection of mosaics. Take part in a costumed reception at the governor’s house before re- boarding the MS Volga Dream in time for lunch.

Volga Dream Experience: Barbecue on the Sun Deck

Day 6
Uglich | Uglich Volga Dream, Russia

After a full day of cruising through idyllic forested countryside, the Volga Dream arrives to the ancient trading town of Uglich, a key point in Russia’s renowned ‘Golden Ring’. Explore the impressive Church of St. Dmitri- on-the-Blood, erected on the site where Dmitri, son of Ivan the Terrible, was murdered in 1591. Enjoy an enchanting concert of choral music performed in St. John’s Church.

Day 7
Moscow | Moscow VDNH Moscow

Enjoy sailing along the Volga River as the ship makes it way to Moscow today. Upon arrival into Moscow, you will disembark for a two-night stay at the Hyatt Park Ararat located right next to the Bolshoi Theater.

This afternoon, enjoy an orientation tour includes the magnificent Red Square and its famous landmarks. Drive by the Cathedral of Christ the Savior — one of Russia’s most important cathedrals, demolished in the time of Stalin and fully restored in 1990.

Continue to the famous Novodevichy Cemetery — the nation’s honored ground and final resting place for Russia’s most renowned and influential people throughout history. Among them are noted Russian authors, musicians, playwrights and poets alongside famous actors, political leaders and scientists.

Afterwards visit the spectacular Moscow Metro, famed for its architectural splendour. One of the USSR’s most pioneering projects – the Metro houses designs, statues and elements from Soviet Russia, and is truly akin to stepping back in time. A must-see during your visit to Moscow, and a tourist attraction in itself.

Late afternoon check-in at the five-star Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel.

Day 8
Moscow | Moscow Bolshoi Theatre - Moscow, Russia

This morning, your touring starts with a stroll through the famous Moscow Kremlin with its beautiful cathedrals and unique museums. The excursion also takes you to the beautifully frescoed 15th-century Assumption and Archangel Cathedrals.

You will then proceed with a tour of the Armory Museum. This famous museum hosts an impressive collection of opulent coronation finery, hand-forged Armor and ancient weapons, royal carriages and sleighs.

Next are the magnificent Red Square and its famous landmarks — notably the iconic St. Basil’s cathedral (outside), a colourful multi-domed complex whose architects were supposedly blinded by Ivan the Terrible so that they would never again be able to recreate such splendour.

After a delicious lunch in one of our personal favourite restaurants, you will visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery — an extensive museum complex that houses the largest collection of Russian fine art – with examples from medieval icons to 19th Century “Golden Age” masterpieces. The gallery was established in 1856, and is now frequented by over a million visitors per year.

The rest of the day is left open for independent city touring. We recommend that you take a stroll to the new Zaryadye Park – walking distance from the Red Square.

Day 9
Sergey Posad - Yaroslavl | Sergey Posad - Yaroslavl Kremlin - Moscow, Russia

This morning, check out of the hotel as you will make your way towards Yaroslavl to re-board the Volga Dream.

On the journey, you will stop at the charming ancient town of Sergiev Posad to go on a special guided city tour. The excursion is provided by one of the local monks who serve in the famous city monastery. On the tour you will visit the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church – the Holy Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius and its many architectural wonders, including the majestic Trinity Cathedral and unique Dukhovskaya church. Being protected by UNESCO, the Holy Trinity Lavra of St.Sergius and its cathedrals will impress with their immaculate and carefully preserved decorations and fascinating history.

After completing the tour of Sergiev Posad, you will continue the journey to Yaroslavl to board MS Volga Dream. Once onboard, enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.

Day 10
Nizhniy Novgorod | Nizhniy Novgorod

Nizhniy Novgorod (formerly Gorkiy), once a wealthy commercial center poised on the important trade routes to the East, became a closed city due to military activity during the Soviet era. You will hear more about the city’s history as a place of exile for political prisoners. Walk the ramparts of the XVIth-century Kremlin with its spectacular views, and visit elaborately painted churches. The evening’s highlight is a folk concert presented by a local children’s group.

Volga Dream Experience: Russian Dinner with Vodka Tasting

Day 11
Kazan | Kazan Kazan, Russia

Today, you will notice that the now familiar Russian Orthodox Churches no longer dominate the banks of the River Volga. Instead, beautiful Muslim mosques begin to appear as you cruise across the border into the Republic of Tatarstan.

Explore Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan and very center of Russia’s Tatar culture. The white-walled Kazan Kremlin or citadel is where the famous Kul-Sherif mosque stands side by side with the old Peter and Paul Cathedral. Later in the day, a local ensemble will delight you with a concert of traditional Tatar music.

Volga Dream Experience: Piano Concert – pieces by Tchaikovsky and Rakhmaninov

Day 12
Samara | Samara Volga Dream - Russia

A great opportunity to relax on the Sun Deck as you sail past the Zhigulevskie mountains towards the city of Samara.

Begin with a city tour, which includes a visit to the space museum, then stroll along the Volga esplanade to the Samara State Art Museum.

Volga Dream Experience: Barbecue on the open deck

Day 13
Saratov | Saratov

Once home to a large German community, Saratov is better known today for its connection to the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, who lived and studied in the city. Our city tour takes us to the Radishev State Art Museum, the first Russian picture gallery outside of St. Petersburg or Moscow.

Day 14
Volgograd | Volgograd Volgograd, Russia

Originally named Tsaritsyn, this remarkable city has had three name changes in its tumultuous history. The site of epic battles during the Russian, Revolution – between 1925 and 1961 it was known as Stalingrad. The people’s heroic defence of the city during World War II was destined to become the decisive battle of the conflict on the eastern front.

You will visit the imposing memorial on Mamayev Hill, which saw the bloodiest fighting of the war, and Battle of Stalingrad Panorama Museum.

Volga Dream Experience: Farewell dinner

Day 15
Departure | Departure Volgograd, Russia

Your driver will meet you this morning for your transfer to the airport.

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