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Discover Berlin’s Vibrant Culture

Berlin. The unrivaled fusion of cuisine, art, fashion, and history awaits you in Europe’s most exciting capital. From its illustrious museums and galleries to its dynamic hospitality and nightlife, every corner of Berlin pulsates with an energy that begs to be experienced. Keep reading to learn more!

Eclectic Art Scene

Museum Berlin

Experience the vibrant art scene of Berlin with Exeter International and our exceptional guides. Let us arrange a private tour to visit Nefertiti after-hours at the Neues Museum or indulge in private visits to exclusive collections such as Boros and Hoffman. From street art to private galleries, there is something for every art lover here. Our unparalleled expertise in the region ensures that your trip is meticulously tailored to your preferences, guaranteeing a truly unforgettable adventure in the heart of Germany’s artistic capital.

Berlin By Bike

Berlin on Bikke
@Berlin Tourism

What better way to explore the thriving city than on 2 wheels? Discover Berlin by bike with a plethora of options of iconic landmarks to explore. You can take your pick from the highlights of the city, such as the Cold War and Berlin Wall, or a theme like street art. With over 390 miles of bike paths throughout the city, you’re sure to find the right path for you. As always, the team at Exeter International is there to support and guide you on your journey from start to finish.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Store in Berlin

Walk along the cobblestones and unlock the secrets of shopping in Berlin with Exeter’s exclusive insider guide. Immerse yourself in the city’s eclectic fashion scene, from hidden local boutiques to high-end luxury. Let our fashion aficionado curate a personalized experience tailored to your unique style. Discover the best of high fashion and vintage treasures with expert guidance every step of the way. Don’t just shop, indulge in an unforgettable fashion adventure like no other in Berlin!

Eat Like a Berliner

Cooking class Berlin

Berlin is known for its varied restaurant scene, with a broad array of cuisines from around the world, enjoy the best of them with our curated restaurant recommendations. Experience the lively German market scene that pulsates throughout Berlin, offering a feast for the senses all year round. Tantalize your taste buds with a delightful array of German delicacies, or dive deeper into the country’s culinary heritage by joining a hands-on cooking class. Let Exeter International’s team of seasoned travel experts guide you as you savor the flavors of Berlin firsthand, immersing yourself in its rich culinary history!

Boutique Berlin

Chateau Royal Berlin rooftop

Berlin’s newest boutique hotel, centrally located in Mitte is the Château Royal with 93 art-filled rooms and suites. Designed by world-class architect David Chipperfield and the creators of one of Berlin’s most iconic dining spots, the Grill Royal, the Château Royal has Berlin flair reflected in its design. Château Royal isn’t just a place to stay—it’s an immersive experience in art, gastronomy, and sophisticated urban living. Discover for yourself the style and unmistakable charm of Berlin.

Reach out to our team of experts today to begin planning your adventures in Berlin!