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Terms & Conditions

Exeter International Terms & Conditions must be signed by guests before a trip can be initiated.

Visas & Passports

Some countries we service require visas of most visitors, including citizens of the United States, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Exeter International will arrange for the invitation required for a visa upon booking. Each traveler will be responsible for all additional required documentation. This varies by country but generally includes a passport photo, a completed visa form, photo copy of the information pages of his/her passport, and the visa processing fee. If the traveler would like, Exeter International will obtain all visas at additional cost. Each traveler is responsible for his/her own passport, which must be valid for at least six (6) months after the completion of the participant’s tour. The passport must also have at least two completely empty visa pages. Exeter International is not responsible for the refusal of a visa to any traveler by any consulate. In the event of visa refusal, any and all expenses/cancellation fees shall be borne by the traveler.

Payment Policies

Small Group Tours
Deposits of 25% of the total program cost, for group tours are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and are non-transferable and non-refundable. We will hold your reservation for one week after you book your tour without a deposit. Some special programs (cruises and trains) may have different final payment policies.                       

Independent Programs

A 25% or $250 per person (whichever is greater) deposit is required to confirm an independent travel program. No Services are confirmed prior to deposit being received. Deposits are nonrefundable. If you are using a previously issued travel credit, that amount remains nonrefundable as per the previous terms.                                                                                               

Final Payment

Final payment is due 60 days prior to the commencement of travel. If final payment is not received 60 days prior to departure, your reservation will automatically be canceled. Some special programs (cruises and trains) may have different final payment policies.

Prices and Services

All taxes are included in program prices.


Payments must be made in Tampa, FL to Exeter International at least eight weeks prior to departure and are accepted by wire transfer, check, cash or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card for credit card payment. Please note that payment for any services a traveler wishes to add once travel commences must be made in United States Dollars to the Exeter International local representative. We cannot accept personal checks or travelers checks overseas.


The tour cost assumes double occupancy in all hotels. Single supplements will be calculated based on exact dates of travel. We reserve the right to substitute hotels of equal or superior quality.

Transfers & Vehicles

Exeter International will supply its travelers with personal transportation to and from all train stations, airports and ports, as described in the tour description. Baggage assistance is included for one piece of luggage per person, but tour participants should be prepared to handle their own bags at certain times during the tour. Please read carefully the Exeter International Travel Tips publication. We cannot guarantee air-conditioned vehicles in some cities. Touring and transfers will be by regular 4 passenger cars (based on two guests traveling together) or minivan/minibus for larger parties unless you have specifically ordered a specialty car for your tour.


Please note that due to circumstances beyond the control of Exeter International, the tour may not be deliverable exactly as described (i.e. theater scheduling, hotel occupancy, etc.), BUT Exeter International will substitute scheduled or advertised events, hotels, and restaurants with alternatives of equal or greater value and quality. All hotels, restaurant and airline space is subject to their management’s approval. Exeter International will make every effort to guarantee this package as is, but conditions will sometimes mandate minor changes to the program. Reservations are nontransferable.

Expedited Services

Expedited Bookings
All bookings confirmed less than three weeks before departure will require expedited procedures. The cost for expedited bookings is $250 per booking.

Itinerary Changes

Once a travel itinerary has been confirmed, amendment fees are waived. The traveler is responsible for any additional expenses that may be incurred due to a voluntary itinerary change.

Cancellation Policies

Deposits are nonrefundable as noted above. If you are unable to travel on your scheduled date, and you notify us 61 or more days prior to departure, we may be able to recoup some of your deposit for a future travel credit. If you are using a previously issued travel credit, that amount remains nonrefundable as per the previous terms. Once final payment has been made, the following cancellation conditions apply:

59 days to 30 days prior to departure: 50% cancellation fee

29 days to 15 days prior to departure: 75% cancellation fee

14 days or less prior to departure: 100% cancellation fee

Cancellation Policies – Special Hotels

Reservations made at countryside hotels in Lapland and elsewhere, and hotels booked during special events and holidays, are nonrefundable as of 30 days prior to departure. This will be advised to you during the booking process. Travelers are liable for airline and hotel cancellation fees as stated in their agreements. For all cruise and train bookings, please refer to the cancellation policies outlined in the specific Terms & Conditions for that program. All cancellations must be received in writing.

Guaranteed Departures and Small Groups

All Exeter International tours are guaranteed departures unless specifically noted with a minimum group size in the tour description. In small groups (less than 10 guests), the guides will act as the tour mangers in each of the cities. For all groups larger than 10 guests a tour manager will meet the group upon arrival in the first city of the tour and travel with this group throughout the duration of the tour. Certain events and meals may be changed slightly for small groups, as described in the brochure.

No Smoking

For the enjoyment of all passengers, smoking is not allowed on Exeter International vehicles or while touring. Most restaurants in Europe no longer allow smoking indoors. There are some countries where smoking is still allowed.


Exeter International highly recommends that you purchase travel insurance for your trip. This may be purchased directly through Exeter International or through your travel advisor. Significant portions of your trip may be nonrefundable, even if you have to cancel through no fault of your own.

What is Included

Your travel program includes everything that is specifically stated in the tour description. Breakfast (usually buffet) is usually provided daily; lunch and dinner will be provided only as stated in the tour description. Meals always include tea and coffee. Alcoholic beverages and mineral water are not included in meals, unless specifically noted. Visa fees are not included in tour prices.

COVID-19 or other Health Related Issues and Problems: Important information

The health and safety of our travelers is our highest priority. However, Exeter International cannot make any guarantees or representations that guarantees our travelers safety. We will endeavor to take measures to ensure that we can operate safely and securely. However, the rules, regulations of carriers differ from company to company and country to country. Except for our Founder’s Tours, all our tours are custom designed and private, where travelers, to the extent possible, do not share with anyone outside their group. We cannot guarantee that anyone in your group is safe. We are also regularly reviewing every preferred accommodation partner and carriers and only offering carriers and properties who represent that they are instituting safety policies including new hygiene and sanitation protocols and the like. Some countries have no policies in effect and others have very strict policies. We will do our best to keep you informed. In some cases, our travelers may have to make personal decisions. In other cases, we may have no control.

However, while every effort is made by Exeter International to provide guidance and advice for travel booked it is solely the responsibility of the traveler to understand the following before travel at this time or in the future and over which we have no control:

  • Conditions of entry and possible quarantine at the destination(s) and interim destinations. and any possible quarantine requirements on return home.
  • Any requirement to provide proof of a recent negative Covid – 19 test or antibody test results on arrival. Failure to provide this may result in enforced quarantine on arrival or even denial of entry. Should you be denied entry into your destination you will be liable for any cancellation charges and any related additional costs to your vacation.
  • Any restrictions to your insurance.
  • Should you fall ill during your travels Exeter International cannot provide medical advice or treatment recommendations.
  • You are advised to obtain the best level of travel insurance you deem appropriate for you and your group. Be sure to read the fine print. There are a lot of choices. We cannot advise which is best or worst. We can advise what our travelers tell us they have obtained or preferred.

In addition:

In the event that (i) you are unable to travel due to you or your travel companion condition or status due to carrier or governmental restrictions or if you or being ordered to self-quarantine, (ii) transportation to or at your destination is prohibited due health or safety restrictions. (iii) for any sudden changes to possible border restrictions implemented within the destinations of choice while traveling, we will endeavor to obtain refunds on your behalf, however, third party services and/or accommodations booked by Exeter International on your behalf such as hotels, transportation and tour packages may have cancellation, refund or rescheduling policies beyond those of Exeter International control. Exeter will attempt to negotiate with these vendors to try to obtain a generally acceptable outcome. However, you agree to pay any cancellation or change fees that you incur, and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Exeter from any such fees.

Force Majeure

Exeter International is not responsible for the failure to perform any of its obligations during any period in which such performance is prevented or delayed due to Force Majeure or actual threatened terrorist events. “Force Majeure” refers to any event beyond Exeter International’s reasonable control including, but not limited to, weather, fire, flood, mudslides, earthquakes, war, labor disputes, strikes, epidemics, pandemics, disease, virus, illness, or any other nature or man made event, including any order of any local, provincial or federal government authority, interruption of power services, terrorism or any other causes beyond the control of Exeter International. This includes changes to, termination of, delays, or advance travel requirements which occur before or after your trip has begun. Exeter International is not responsible for any refunds unless the same are obtained from a supplier or carrier.

Exeter International’s Responsibility

Exeter International reserves the right, but is not obligated, to not accept or retain as a tour passenger any member whose condition or physical needs or conduct impede the operation of the tour or affect the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of the tour’s other participants. A refund of the unused portion of the tours is the limit of Exeter International’s liability if such a person is asked to leave the tour. Exeter International acts only on behalf of hotels, restaurants, train lines, boat lines, its owners, operators or contractors (all herein called contractors) providing services in connection with Exeter International’s tours. In the absence of negligence on Exeter International’s part, Exeter International is not responsible for personal injury or property damage or loss arising out of the act or negligence of any direct air carrier, hotel or other person rendering any of the services or accommodations offered herein. The traveler agrees to the foregoing, and also agrees that Exeter International will not be or become liable or responsible for any loss, default, or injury of any person, company, or other legal entity engaged to supply the same. Exeter International accepts no responsibility for losses or expenses due to delays or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strikes, hotel overbooking, social and labor unrest, terrorist activities, war, quarantine, or any other causes, actions or omissions, or conditions over which it has no control.

Assumption of Risk

I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied for the trip/tour. I understand that I may travel to remote countries and areas that are inherently risky and may take part in activities associated with foreign travel. I am prepared to assume the risks associated with this trip/tour including forces of nature; terrorism; civil unrest; war; accidents; and transportation including land vehicles, boats, and aircraft that are not operated or maintained to standards found in North America. I also assume risks associated with altitude, illness, disease, physical exertion, and alcohol consumption, knowing that access to evacuation and/or suitable medical supplies and support may not be available. By signing this document, I agree to take full responsibility for my own actions, safety and welfare, except for unanticipated events including injury, illness, emotional trauma, or death. I also understand that I may be a member of a group and will conduct myself in a way that will not endanger the group or myself. I understand that if I fraudulently represent myself as fit for this trip, I may be removed prior to or during the trip at my own expense.

Additional Terms

Venue for all claims or disputes shall be exclusively in Hillsborough County, Florida, whose Courts, using Florida Law, shall have exclusive jurisdiction. Damage claims against Exeter International shall be limited to the value of the particular item in dispute and not for any incidental, consequential, or special damages. Exeter International assumes responsibility for representations it makes, but not for those made by others and including, but not limited to, any employee of Exeter International or independent travel agent. Payment for reservations on any Exeter International tour shall constitute consent to all the provisions in the General Information and Conditions published herein and is binding on all tour and travel participants. All tour prices include the cost of planning and operations and are based on the tariffs, fuel costs and exchange rates in effect February 2023, and are subject to change without notice at any time prior to payment in full of tour services.

Exeter International, Inc. is a Florida corporation, licensed, registered and bonded in the State of Florida for the sale of travel products and services.