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Discover Sweden

Discover Sweden’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture with our exclusive custom-designed Sweden vacations. Ready to unveil the secrets of the North? Begin your journey today!

Why Visit Sweden: The Mystical Land of Vikings

The Kingdom of Sweden is famed around the world for its high quality of life and standard of living. With a testimony like that, it’s little wonder it’s one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Combine Viking history and contemporary culture during a single day in Stockholm – the Vasa Viking Ship in the morning and the Abby Museum in the afternoon!

In the summer, extend your activities into the wee hours, thanks to the Midnight Sun, and in the winter, experience Swedish Lapland at its favorite time of year as you snowshoe and dogsled across a white expanse of snow.

Recently chosen as the European Capital of Gastronomy, Sweden’s dining establishments welcome foodies of all preferences, from the most meat-centric restaurants to strictly vegetarian menus. Perhaps you’ll even take a private cooking class with a local chef!

Come with us to peel back the layers of this multifaceted country.

Fun Facts About Sweden: Fika Rituals, Valiant History

Abba museum Stockholm
Sweden Fika culture
Sweden Midnight sun kayaking
Sweden is home to ABBA

The ABBA Museum in Stockholm is a must-visit! A shrine to the iconic pop group! This immersive interactive exhibit is located on Djurgården island, part of the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. The museum is interactive allowing guests to try on costumes virtually, sing along to their favorite hits, and even dance alongside holograms of the band. It celebrates ABBA’s music, history, and legacy. showcases not just the band’s global impact on pop culture but also its roots in Swedish music tradition.

Sweden Created Fika Culture

Fika is a special part of Swedish life where people make time to have coffee and something sweet, like cinnamon buns while enjoying each other’s company. It’s more than just a coffee break; it’s a chance to relax, catch up with friends or coworkers, and be in the moment.

While fika usually involves coffee, you can have other drinks too. The most important part of Fika is being together with other people. It’s a tradition that helps Swedes balance work and relaxation and reminds them to slow down and appreciate the simple things.

Sweden is the Perfect Place to see the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon experienced in the summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, where the sun remains visible at the local midnight. In Sweden, particularly the northern parts such as Swedish Lapland, there are days when the sun never sets, and night is as bright as day.

The Midnight Sun is most prominent around the summer solstice, which takes place on June 21st. However, the phenomenon can be observed from late May to early July. The duration of continuous daylight increases as one travels further north.

Sweden Vacation Experiences: Captured Moments

Personalize Your Sweden Itinerary: Trip Inspiration

Each trip we create is individually customized uniquely for you, and how you like to travel. Here is a selection of ideas to help you select what is best for you. 

Full-service itineraries in Sweden start at $900 per person, per day.

Contact us to plan your personalized Sweden trip today.

Inspiring Reviews from Exeter Travelers

Kris SeegerKris Seeger
22:33 28 Oct 22
The Founder's Trip to Turkey this month was amazing in every respect. From start to finish, just perfection! Greg's personally curated outstanding itinerary set the stage for the best small group trip we have ever taken. From our greeting at the Istanbul Airport to our goodbye in Bodrum, everything was seamless ---first class hotel accommodations; fabulous guide; excellent drivers/vehicles; and wonderful dining venues. Every day was filled with history, joy and new friends. We cannot wait to travel with Exeter International again! Kris & Chris
Jennifer AndrewsJennifer Andrews
16:52 24 Jun 22
All my trips with Exeter have been amazing. I worked with Ala and Gwen for different trips and they go above and beyond to make the trip exceptional. They have access to places others don’t, they plan everything from the perfect hotel, experiences and even incredible restaurants. Even better, they communicate within so Ala was able to get with Gwen and tell her my likes and dislikes. You work with the person with the most knowledge of the area you are going and they genuinely know it inside and out. I totally trust Exeter with my travel planning. They are the best.
Nikki DavidsonNikki Davidson
20:31 23 Jun 22
This trip was as close to perfection as one can get.Ala and her team created the most perfect Croatian vacation trip for me, my husband and the other couple that we were traveling with this month. I've had the good fortune to have travelled all around the world and never have I experienced such an incredible team to ensure that literally every detail, every activity, every hotel we stayed at was top-notch.If you are even considering a vacation to this incredible country, I would highly recommend speaking with Ala and her team first. I know I will be recommending Ala friends and family that want to visit Croatia and I can do it with complete peace of mind knowing I am referring them to the best!Nikki Davidson
Nancy HutchisonNancy Hutchison
00:13 08 Jun 22
We just returned from a fabulous trip that included Stockholm Sweden, Helsinki Finland and Amsterdam Netherlands, all arranged by Leigh Landis at Exeter International. Leigh was amazing. She put together individual excursions in each country, arranged hotels, assisted with restaurant suggestions and reservations, purchased train tickets and the tickets for the Silja Line ship to cross the Baltic Sea. Leigh gave us the phone number of an Exeter contact in each city in case of a problem but we did not have to contact them. Still, it was reassuring knowing that we had someone to contact if needed. Each of them reached out to us when we arrived to let us know they were available. The itinerary, guides and tickets were all arranged in advance by Leigh. She spent a lot of time with us before booking anything. We communicated by emails or phone. It was clear to us from our first contact with Leigh that she wanted to make sure the trip had exactly what we wanted.The guides in each city were so fantastic. They each had a wealth of experience as guides, planned the routes well and asked about our interests when we first met so they knew what we wanted to see and do. They were all spot on time! The guides made the trip a truly special experience. They helped us to understand each city, its history, special characteristics and helped us with questions about how to navigate the city and use public transportation. The guides expedited getting into busy museums or other venues because our guides had passes to jump queues. They maximized our time so that it was spent enjoying the sights and venues instead of standing in lines and figuring out how to purchase tickets. They knew where to go and when to go there. Some venues required advance tickets and Leigh took care of that. Leigh arranged our very own private saloon boat tour of the canals of Amsterdam. Leigh checked in on us along the way on our trip and sent us special notes. She arranged to have a gift sent to my hotel room in Helsinki on my birthday.Leigh arranged really great hotel rooms with the best views possible. And our stateroom on the Silja line cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki had an amazing view so we saw the sunset and sunrise over the Baltic from our room and that was stunning. With Exeter involved in making the hotel reservations we were treated like special guests at each hotel by the staff.The drivers were all outstanding. They were polite, helpful, on-time and made all our connections and excursions seamless and stress free. We actually started our trip in Gothenburg Sweden at the Volvo factory. After that Exeter took over and we proceeded on our dream trip to Stockholm, Helsinki and Amsterdam. We did no driving. We used trains and boats all arranged by Leigh at Exeter. And in each city we used drivers arranged by Exeter for excursions outside the city centers, such as when we went to the delightful town of Porvoo, Finland.When we took the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm our train was over an hour delayed and it was late evening when we arrived in Stockholm. The driver who met us in Stockholm, arranged by Exeter, had waited for us. While waiting she arranged for the hotel to have food for us upon arrival. Also when we arrived at our room at the hotel Leigh had arranged for a lovely charcuterie tray to be sent to our room. So although we arrived late and were worried about being hungry, everyone involved made sure that was taken care of without having to ask.I can't say enough positive about Leigh Landis and Exeter International. I feel we got more than our money's worth. Without Exeter we would have wasted so much time trying to figure out what could be seen each day in each city, how to get tickets, how to find a good restaurant and figure out how to make reservations etc. We did not have to worry about any of that. All the details were taken care of in advance and all we had to do was enjoy it!We will be forever grateful for Leigh and Exeter!
Jonathan RosenbergJonathan Rosenberg
16:28 02 Jun 22
My wife and I completed our second trip with Gwen's team at Exeter last month. Our first trip a few years back included Vienna, Prague, Budapest. This trip was Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich. Gwen is absolutely terrific and does a fabulous job of listening to client interests and preferences ex ante and then presenting options and framing the trips. Gwen's advice on hotels and specific rooms in hotels and the Exeter private touring options was consistently spot on. And ALL the guides she uses are terrific which really makes the trip. I was very pleased with both itineraries before the trips started and like any travel experience, circumstances and weather changed during the trip. Gwen and her team were always on top of quickly making changes. They possess the unique combination of pliancy about the route taken coupled with an adamantine resolve to give the client the experience they want and get them to see the things they wish to see. The team also has access to private experiences that were amazing. A tour of a tulip farm, a visit to a closed museum and medieval library, a wine and cheese tasting with a local expert. Not only did we have two good trips, on the second trip, Gwen started with all her notes and preferences from our first trip which made things even easier. I have used many operators in my travels and my experience with Exeter and Gwen Kozlowski in particular was truly top notch.

Sweden Cities to Visit: Discover Local Gems

Are you drawn to a certain city? Dive deeper into each featured city with our travel network connections.

Best Time to Visit Sweden: Seasonal Guide

The Scandinavian climate is colder than continental Europe. The best time to visit Sweden for fine weather is May to September. If you want to see the Northern lights or enjoy Swedish Lapland activities, then of course winter is the perfect time to visit.





What to Do in Sweden: Thrilling Activities

Stockholm archipelago
Finish Lapland Northern lights
Castle hotel Sweden
Cruise Stockholm’s Archipelago

Experience the enchanting beauty of Stockholm’s archipelago, a collection of idyllic isles. spirit. Embarking on this nautical adventure is a must for any traveler’s itinerary. As you weave through the waters, take in the scenery while indulging in lunch or dinner on a public cruise.

For those seeking a touch of exclusivity and luxury, consider the splendor of a private boat. Options range from a 3-hour escape to an extended 6 or 8-hour adventure, each providing a unique perspective of Stockholm’s breathtaking waterways.

See the Northern Lights

For a bucket list trip, see dancing colors light up the Arctic sky—a symphony of green and violet. Swedish Lapland will take your breath away!

Stay in the Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Sweden was the very first in the world. Crafted from snow each year, unique “Cold” rooms are meticulously sculpted anew by various artists, creating a winter wonderland. For the optimal experience, we highly recommend the Deluxe Suites, which combine the frosty charm of the cold room with the comfort of a private, heated en-suite bathroom. Additionally, the hotel offers “Warm” rooms for guests desiring a cozy retreat during their multi-night stay.

Take a day trip from Stockholm

Journey through history with unforgettable day trips from Stockholm. Discover Uppsala, the cradle of Swedish Viking history. Don’t miss the grandeur of the 16th-century Uppsala Castle, once the fortress of King Gustav Vasa. Visit Birka, an ancient Viking settlement, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of Vikings, uncover the past at the archaeological site, and gain insights at the museum. Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest surviving town, presents a charming escape into a medieval past.

Stay in a Castle Hotel

Step back in time and indulge in the grandeur of Västanå Manor. Erected in 1590, this castle hotel stands as a testament to Swedish heritage and has been graciously opening its doors to guests as a family-operated hotel since 1948. Just a 20-minute drive from the vibrant city of Jönköping, (just 3 hours from Stockholm) Västanå Manor has views of Lake Vättern. A perfect meld of history and luxury, this manor offers a serene escape in an idyllic setting that has been meticulously preserved through the centuries.

Sweden Travel FAQs

Sweden is a nation located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in the northern part of Europe. It shares a western border with Norway and an eastern border with Finland, with the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia lying to the country’s south and east.

Sweden is known as a country of contrasts – for Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Vikings, and outstanding natural beauty.

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. English is widely spoken.

The official currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona.

Sweden is considered a very safe place to travel.

We recommend a minimum of 7 days in Sweden.

Ferries, private car, and drivers or self-drive are all options for getting around Sweden.

Think about the time of year you want to visit, winter or summer, and the activities you want to experience, and plan your trip around the season.

Keep Exploring Sweden

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