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Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania – The Luxury Travel Insider Podcast

The Founder of Exeter International Greg Tepper and one of our top guides in the region, Grigorijs Salnits, chat to Bell+Bly* Travel’s Sarah Groen in her Luxury Travel Insider podcast about the three Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tune in to the Luxury Travel Insider Podcast to learn more about the tumultuous history of this fascinating region, and why you should travel there today!

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Curious travelers are often drawn to these Baltic countries not only to witness breathtaking landscapes of pristine coastlines and dense forests but also to immerse themselves in the distinct charm of each country and understand how they have thrived through the ages. Feel, see, and taste your way through each one!

Tallinn, Riga & Vilnius


Tallinn Aerial view
Aerial view of Tallinn

The three countries have their own distinct local culture & languages. Explore local history in the three capitals of Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius.

Spectacular Nature

From the sea to the forests, nature is intrinsic to the way of life in all three countries. One of Greg’s favorite seasons there is fall.

Greg at Muhu Island
Greg Tepper – Muhu Island

Connecting with Locals

Traditional music and festivals are an important part of life and a perfect way for visitors to immerse themselves in cultural life.

Summer Latvia Folk
Summer Festival Latvia

Genealogical Travel

Many travel to research familial roots or just want to learn more about the rich Jewish heritage in the region.

Vilnius Synagogue
Vilnius Synagogue

Listen to the full Luxury Travel Insider Podcast for more!

*Bell+Bly Travel is a member of Virtuoso. Exeter International works with travel advisors like Sarah Groen to custom design trips to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.