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Norway: Five Reasons, One Epic Destination

Imagine breathing air as sweet as spring flowers. Imagine gazing out at unspoiled valleys that inspire poetry. Imagine basking in a sauna’s heat as mist gathers outside. This is Norway. This is summer done right. Revel in cooler climates while getting a taste and feel for the Nordic way of life. We had travel expert, Leigh Landis, list her top five reasons why you should book your adventure in Norway today!

Coolcation Destination

Norway food

Scandinavia has an undeniable cool factor, both in terms of reputation and average summer temps. Norway is the perfect place to chill. A visit to the Oslo-Munch Museum offers immersion into the expressive and colorful work of local artistic legend, Edvard Munch. We love to visit the indoor food truck hall, Vippa, or the Mathallen Food Hall for a taste of everyday Nordic life with very best of Norwegian fresh produce, fish and meat. Head to Råvarene, a zero-waste grocery shop, which provides a unique look into Norway’s sustainability initiatives. Our regional experts, like Leigh, are eager to guide you to some of the lesser known gems in Oslo and beyond on an itinerary curated just for you. Keep reading to learn more about the adventures awaiting you in Norway!

Famous Fjords

Sunnylvsfjorden fjord and famous Seven Sisters waterfalls Norway

It’s impossible to talk about Norway and not mention the epic fjords. Kayak or cruise through these rare bodies of water formed over millennia from glaciation. Home to over 1,000 fjords, those sheer mountain cliffs rising majestically from the sea, this part of Norway will leave you awestruck. To get the best view of these stunning landscapes, we’ll take you inland where the fjords carve dramatic paths through the terrain. Immerse yourself in their beauty by hiking and biking along the fjord trails, kayaking on their serene waters, or embarking on private cruises. Let us arrange a private car and driver to navigate you through the renowned Troll and Eagle switchback roads. Experience the raw and untouched beauty of Norway.

Mighty Glaciers

Norway Glacier hike

During your fjord explorations, you will no doubt also experience the serene power of its glaciers. Home to over 1,600 glaciers, varying in size from small glaciers to massive ice fields, each location promises an adventure. Visit the largest glacier in mainland Europe and discover the grandeur that is Jostedalsbreen. Norway’s glaciers are one of the most popular visitor attractions, offering activities such as guided glacier walks, ice climbing, and glacier hiking. Following an exhilarating day of unique exploration, visit to the Norwegian Glacier Museum to learn more about the cultural and environmental importance of glaciers in Norway!

Sauna Like a Local

Dampen Sauna Fjærland_Dampen Sauna
@Falkeblikk AS

Experiencing a sauna is an essential part of Norwegian life. For the ultimate adventure, find a sauna located right beside a pristine body of water and take in the stunning views of nearby mountains, while feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You will feel the invigorating contrast as you heat up in the sauna, then plunge into the refreshing cold water, awakening your senses like never before! For an even more unique experience, embark on a cruise aboard your very own sauna boat. Yes, you read that correctly. Relax in the warmth while gliding past stunning scenery, and let your captain take you to secluded spots for a rejuvenating dip in the crystal-clear waters. Indulge in this quintessential Norwegian tradition for an unforgettable journey of relaxation and exhilaration. Can you tell how much we love Norway?

Historic Postcard Settings

Walaker hotel Norway

While Norway’s fjords and countryside offer numerous accommodations, let our experts select the most historic and luxurious properties in the region. Experience boutique properties featuring comfortable rooms, gourmet food, numerous activities, spectacular views, and history as rich as the cuisine! These iconic properties provide an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Norway’s natural beauty and culinary excellence. Whether you’re exploring the fjords or seeking a secluded retreat, these accommodations are the perfect base for your adventure. Ask our experts about our exclusive Black Book of special stays.

Get inspired by our sample Norway itinerary and reach out about creating yours today!

Meet our Norway Expert: Leigh Landis

Leigh in Norway

Save hours of research and planning by letting our Norway expert, Leigh Landis, take the reins! With decades of experience and an in-depth knowledge of Norway and Scandinavia, Leigh will ensure you experience the authentic charm of this incredible country – on or off the beaten path. Check out her photos above from her most recent adventure in Norway! Learn more about Leigh and her passion for travel by visiting our website!