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The Anatomy of a Ball

Are you someone who fantasizes about attending a grand ball and experiencing a real-life fairy tale moment? Exeter International’s team of experts is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Read on to discover how you can take the first steps towards making this enchanting vision come true with Exeter International!

Step 1: Choose Your Ball

Hofburg Ball Vienna
@Hofburg Silvesterball Andreas Tischler

The first step of attending a ball is choosing the ball you’d like to attend. With a total of 450 different balls being held throughout Vienna between November and March, take your pick from a plethora of themed events. Whether you select an upscale New Year’s Ball, Philharmonic Ball, or Opera Ball, or you choose one of the festive balls, such as the Bon Bon Ball or Coffeehouse Owner’s Ball, we cannot wait to make your dreams come true in Vienna. Keep reading to learn more about how to best prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Step 2: Customize Your Trip

Greg with a guide in Vienna

Aside from attending a ball, the spectacular city of Vienna begs to be explored. Between holiday celebrations and the transition into spring, November through March in Vienna is an extremely special time of the year. Our experts at Exeter International are eager to use our insider knowledge to ensure you make the most of your time in this stunning city. From the culinary scene to private tours of the rich art collections, we can’t wait to make your dreams come true in Vienna!

Step 3: Choose Your Look

Vienna Ball gowns

For those who have fantasized about attending a ball, this may be one of the most exciting steps. With strict dress requirements, let us arrange for a dress fitting or formal wear rental in Vienna. Gentlemen must wear black tie and women are required to wear a full-length gown, so whether you’d like to bring your own attire or get the VIP treatment in Vienna, we can set you up for a night to remember. With the added option of professional hair and make-up, you will arrive at the ball in style!

Step 4: Practice Your Moves

Dancing in Vienna

Whether you’re a novice, or just need to brush up on your dance technique, we can arrange private dance lessons to ensure you’re prepared for the waltz of a lifetime. Local dance professionals are eager to guide you and teach you the traditional waltz. One of the most fascinating aspects of any ball is to be a spectator of the amazing performances. You will be amazed by the sheer regality of the scene and the perfection of the performances.

Step 5: Dine in Style

Vienna Carriage

While in Vienna, it’s imperative that you indulge in Austrian culinary excellence by getting your fix of regional delicacies, as well as experiencing the opulence of Vienna’s Michelin rated restaurants. Sip on locally produced wine and savor the flavors of Vienna by letting our experts make reservations at some of the most exclusive restaurants in Austria before the big event. We suggest you arrive to the ball with a full stomach, so you can have plenty of energy to waltz until 5 AM! Following an unforgettable dining experience, you can choose to be whisked away in a horse drawn carriage to experience the evening of a lifetime.

Make your dreams come true today by viewing our Vienna itineraries and book today!