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About Brussels

The compact nature of Brussels makes it an ideal city to explore by foot or bike. With an abundance of green spaces, approximately half of the city is made up of parks, offering locals and visitors a lush respite from the urban environment. The city is also known as a culinary paradise, boasting over 200 Michelin-rated restaurants. Belgian chocolate and a plethora of unique beers further stamp Brussels as a destination for food enthusiasts.

Antique lovers can spend hours (or even days) rummaging through the treasures of numerous antique shops, particularly around the famous Sablon district. Meanwhile, festivals throughout the year offer a glimpse into local customs and traditions, celebrating everything from film and music to beer and food. For those seeking a dose of art, there is a diverse range of museums and galleries, visitors can immerse themselves in everything from classic art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts to contemporary exhibits in private galleries.

In essence, Brussels is much more than the administrative heart of Europe – it’s a place where history is cherished, culture is celebrated, and life is to be enjoyed with all senses.

What's Unmissable

  • Taste chocolate at some of the world’s finest chocolatiers
  • Witness the architectural grandeur of the Grand Place and the futuristic Atomium
  • Explore the antique market in the Place du Grand Sablon at the weekend
  • Discover the outstanding Art Nouveau architecture

This vibrant capital of Belgium offers more than just political scenery; it is steeped in rich history, art, and a culinary legacy that can impress the most discerning palates