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Odense: Fairy-Tales & Castles

Explore the enchanting city of Odense, Denmark’s fairy-tale heart, where the legacy of Hans Christian Andersen comes to life. From the captivating Hans Christian Andersen Museum to the historic Egeskov Castle, this city blends ancient charm with modern allure. Experience the rich culture through its lively arts scene, tempting culinary offerings, and scenic cycling trails. Odense promises a memorable visit, offering a perfect mix of tales from the past and the vibrancy of today’s life. It is possible to visit Odense as a day trip from Copenhagen, but we would advise an overnight stay to make the most of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. Discover Odense – where fairy tales and modern vibes meet.

What's Unmissable

  • Dive into the world of the renowned fairy tale author at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

  • Step back in time and experience rural life in 19th-century Denmark at The Funen Village.

Odense has rich history and cultural heritage, making it a memorable destination for visitors interested in Danish literature, architecture, and tradition.