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About Geneva

With its modern, international appeal – it’s the base of operations for the UN, Red Cross and the IOC – Geneva attracts art lovers and culture seekers. This is the biggest city on Lake Leman, home to the 8500-year-old St. Pierre Cathedral, and the famous Jet’Eau, a 1,509-foot-high jet of water shooting up from the middle of the lake. Explore the Belle Epoque architecture of postcard-perfect Old Town, or embark on a relaxing lake cruise. Walk around the Quartier des Bains, the art district; explore the MAMCO and the Centre d’Art Contemporain; and visit any number of modern art galleries. Learn about the Swiss tradition of watchmaking at The Patek Philippe Museum, and the history of the Croix Rouge at the Red Cross Museum. Bordered by France on three sides, this most French Swiss city has a decidedly international ambiance, perfect for anyone who considers themselves a curious citizen of the world.

What's Unmissable

  • Immerse yourself in art at the Quartier des Bains – the art district
  • Take a Mouette (water taxi) on Lake Geneva

Cosmopolitan Geneva is also the ideal base to visit the two other Swiss cities also located on the shores of Lake Geneva – Lausanne and Montreux