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Stay in Tallinn

Hotel Telegraaf

About the Hotel Telegraaf

Step back in time as you enter the magnificent Hotel Telegraaf, situated among Tallinn’s illustrious Old Town—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Designed by renowned St. Petersburg architect Peter Schreiberg at the end of 19th century and used for post and telegraph communication after 1918, this 4-story building offers 86 rooms & suites that put one within walking distance to medieval churches, Town Hall Square, museums & shops galore! Discover a piece of history along with modern conveniences on your journey through Estonia’s captivating capital city!

Telegraaf Hotel Tallinn

At a Glance

  • Located in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town
  • Historical Landmark
  • Spa facilities, featuring a sauna, steam room, full-size Jacuzzi and swimming pool