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Soča Valley, Lake Bled & Ljubljana

Soča Valley

Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe and its compact territory combines mountains (Alps), coastline (Adriatic Sea), vineyards and a cave-filled Karst region. The country is one of the greenest in the continent, with over 60% of its territory covered by forests. Its abundance of activities and sites will delight the most seasoned travelers!

Nebesa_from the sky Slovenia
Soca Valley

Explore the Valley

Exeter International Extraordinary Experience

This morning, meet your guide for the day of exploring the beautiful Soča Valley. This is some of the most beautiful nature in all of Slovenia so a gentle hike with a picnic will be a perfect way to soak up all the views.

We recommend dinner at Hisa Franko. Chef Ana Roš put Slovenia on the gastronomic map after being voted The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and starring in her own episode of Netflix’s cult series, Chef’s Table. Pronounced Hi-sha Franko, the restaurant is in the stunning surrounds of the Soča Valley and has drawn visitors to Slovenia from all over the world


Kobarid is the culinary capital of Soča Valley and an important historical and archaeological site, due to its role as a crossroad of routes through the valley.  The area was witness of one of the biggest periods of battles during WWI between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian forces, also known as the Isonzo Front. At least 12 battles took place between May 1915 and November 1917 with an estimated death toll of 300,000 soldiers. The last and most important one, the Battle of Caporetto, was documented by Ernest Hemingway in the novel “A Farewell to Arms”.

Kobarid’s museum features a permanent exhibition, unique on its personal approach to war. A private museum guide will walk you through the different rooms where photographs, letters and personal belongings are presented.

Kobarid museum
Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled

Today, enjoy a sightseeing tour of the charming Alpine Lake town of Bled. We suggest a visit to the lake and a boat ride to the church, which stands on the island in the middle. The lake was formed after the recession of the Bohinj glacier. After the last Ice Age, the Bohinj glacier deepened the natural tectonic hollow and gave into its present form.

Later today, you will also visit the beautiful and historic Bled Castle, which is also the oldest in the country. In 1004, the German Emperor Henrik II gave the Bled estate to the Austrian Bishop Albuin of Brixen as a gift. Today the castle is preserved as a museum, where you will be able to see various exhibits depicting the history of the region. Enjoy the sweeping views over the lake and the surrounding mountains.

We suggest that you also visit Radovlijca for lunch. This charming town is now home to one of the best restaurants in Slovenia Hisa Linhart and we recommend reserving a table here for lunch. Radovlijca is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the country, with houses dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. After strolling through the charming cobblestoned streets, you will stop at one of the oldest houses to visit the gingerbread store, where you will see how the region famous honey-bread cookies are made.


Ljubljana is a beautiful, compact and romantic city, influenced by centuries of Latin, Slavic, and Germanic cultural influences. Today, Ljubljana is a progressive green and environmentally aware city that is car free in the center and therefore very pedestrian friendly.

Enjoy an overview walking tour of the old town which is filled with outstanding architecture in a variety of styles, from different periods in history, most notably the Baroque. You may walk (20 minutes) or take the funicular to reach the top of Castle Hill and the main sight of the city – Ljubljana Castle – which has 900 years of history. The castle offers great views over the city and the surrounding countryside.

Exeter International Extraordinary Experience

Slovenia is known for excellent food. The variety of the topography: mountains, rivers, and the sea mean an abundance of fresh produce from artisanal producers and farmers. Slovenia’s location within Europe close to Italy, Austria and Hungary inspire many culinary influences. A must is a visit to the Central, where you can visit a few stalls to sample produce that showcases Slovenia’s culinary story.

Foraging Slovenia

Skocjan Caves or Foraging Experience

The Skocjan Caves were formed by the Reka River and have been on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites since 1986. You will begin your guided tour at the Visitors’ Center and walk to the man-made entry into the Globocak Collapse Doline. From there your guide will take you through the Silent Cave (Tiha jama), the massive cave where the Reka river flows and the Tominc Cave (Tominceva jama), before accessing the surface again. The little hike to the waterfall once you exit the caves is not to be missed!


Exeter International Extraordinary Experience

Alternatively, today you will meet our forager and plant expert extraordinaire! She forages for some of Slovenia’s top chefs and restaurants, including Janez Bratovž‘s JB Restaurant, & Bine Volčič’s Monstera Bistro. Katja will take you to some of the green spaces in Ljubljana and explain the art of foraging and its place in Slovenian contemporary cuisine.

Rovinj Istria

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Why not extend your stay? Slovenia combines ideally with Istria.

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