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Ala Osmond

Director of Marketing

Born in Romania during the Cold War, Ala moved to London with her parents when she was 4 years old. She was then lucky enough to live a nomadic ex-pat lifestyle as a child in exotic locations: Cairo, Baghdad, Kampala, and Khartoum. After a year working for Hilton in Sudan, Ala returned to London and started her first career in the hotel industry which took her to Russia where she was Director of Sales & Marketing at a leading hotel in St Petersburg for 3 years. This is where she met Greg, the Founder of Exeter and she has been part of the Exeter team since 2005. Ala has been to almost all Exeter destinations and is the Wendy Perrin Trusted Travel Expert for Croatia, Montenegro, and the Balkans. In addition to her country specialties, she is responsible for planning and overseeing custom groups and Exeter marketing. When Ala isn’t traveling she likes to be at home by the sea in England with her husband Mario and cat, Marley.

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"Travel is increasingly about the expert in whom you trust."
Sophy Roberts
Financial Times, How To Spend It