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Gwen Kozlowski


Gwen began her travel career working for an airline. At the age of 19, while still in college, she began working for Eastern Airlines’ reservations department in Tampa, Florida. After only 18 months, the airline shut down for good and Gwen was out of her first travel job! Determined never to work in such an unstable industry again she continued her education, getting a B.A. in International Studies and a B.S. in Education. While in graduate school, she happened to visit a local travel agency and struck up a dialogue with the manager that ended up getting her a job with them the very next day…

Over the years, Gwen developed her corporate and leisure travel management skills and eventually became the agency manager of Travelworld in Tampa. More than two decades ago Gwen joined Exeter International as General Manager. Her personal destination specialization is in deluxe travel to Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany and is recognized by Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure and is also the Trusted Travel Expert for Central Europe for Wendy Perrin.

Gwen is married to Rob, and has a teenage son, Andy.

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"Travel is increasingly about the expert in whom you trust."
Sophy Roberts
Financial Times, How To Spend It