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Lori Hinkle

Regional Director

Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Lori never thought of a career in travel. Returning from her honeymoon, she saw a job advertised at Exeter International. Intrigued, she applied. It must have been fate! 16 years later and she is still learning. Having now traveled to 28 countries (and still not a lover of flying), she has fallen in love with the destinations she has visited over the years with Exeter. As a Regional Director Lori works most closely with Gwen on high-touch trips to Central Europe. She’s an expert at family travel and complex logistics. Now living in the Raleigh Durham area, Lori loves to spend time with her husband, Dave, daughters Emily and Claire, and their dog, Poppy.

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"Travel is increasingly about the expert in whom you trust."
Sophy Roberts
Financial Times, How To Spend It