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Silvia Baigorri

Travel Manager

Originally from Spain, Silvia has always been fascinated by foreign countries. After graduating with a BA in Travel and Business Management, she pursued a career in tourism working with different organizations in southern France and in Berlin, Germany. She then moved to the Tampa Bay area, where she joined Exeter in 2015.  After a detour through Seattle, she relocated to Europe in 2022 and now resides in Luxembourg with her family.

Silvia has traveled extensively and has been to most of our destinations, with a focus on Central Europe and the Adriatic. Some of her best Exeter travel memories include exploring Samarkand in Uzbekistan, boating on the crystal-clear waters of the Croatian Islands, and hiking to Jungfraujoch and Zermatt in Switzerland. She loves being outdoors, visiting the neighboring France, Belgium, and Germany (which are just 20 minutes away from Luxembourg City!), and sharing her passion for Europe with everyone around her.

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"Travel is increasingly about the expert in whom you trust."
Sophy Roberts
Financial Times, How To Spend It